Blogger Socialites: F Troop (Facchini, Falls, Farmery)

In our continuing series profiling the registrants for the upcoming Blogger Social (April 4-6, NYC), we now reach the “F” Troop (if you don’t understand the reference to “F Troop”, be thankful you’re younger than some of us)!

gianandrea-150.jpgGianandrea Facchini

Gianandrea, one of our Italian bloggers, runs the Bizandbuzz blog (great name!), which touches on a wide range of marketing topics – bringing, of course, a European flair to the exercise! He recently launched a new venture called Buzz Detector, described thusly – Buzz Detector is the first service company with a dream: to become a place where ideas and projects are nurtured by passion. I like this little self-description on the site: he worked in advertising and media agencies  since 1990 and then declared his independence day in May 2006 (well, you preceded me by a month on that front, G!)

He’s been blogging since 2006, and is the only contributor from Italy to the Age of Conversation book.

Another Italian I cannot wait to meet at the event, Valeria Maltoni,  mentions her comrade Gianandrea in this post. By and large, Italian folks know how to socialize, so it will be a blast to welcome Gianandrea at the Social!

jasonfalls-150.jpgJason Falls

As of this writing, Jason is looking forward to another social event (SXSW), because he feels that networking is such a great part of his effectiveness. His blog is called Social Media Explorer – it’s not too tough to figure out what he writes about, is it? Here, in this post, he talks about an interesting venture – Kentucky’s Rupp Arena has a blog run by an intern, who also Twitters – apparently, this social media presence by a facility truly rocks!

Here are some Flickr pix of Jason.

This bio page gives a great overview of Jason, who does his marketing/PR/blogging work out of the delightful state of Kentucky. The agency he works with is heavy into the spirits industry (esp. Maker’s Mark), so at the Social, he’s going to be the go-to guy for bar advice!

anna-farmery-150.jpgAnna Farmery

Anna writes at The Engaging Brand (another great name!) blog, which will have been occupying its spot in the blogosphere for just about a year when we gather for the Social. Anna is a business coach and speaker, and this bio page gives a very full description of all things Anna.

This extract is probably the best summary:

The Engaging Brand works with both companies and individuals on various areas of engagement

  • How social media can boost your bottom line
  • How to attract and retain talent
  • How to develop the leadership capability within your company
  • How to create a strategy that both delivers results and engages the audience

Anna is popular speaker on areas such as social media, personal and employer branding, and leadership. She is an energetic speaker, recently described as “a ball of energy and crammed pack of ideas” Anna lives and breathes Web 2.0.

Facebook? Of course. LinkedIn? Naturally. Anna will be coming to Socialize all the way from the U.K., so she will contribute to the happy cacophony of delightful accents as we mingle. And, OK, I give up – where is that background in your picture, Anna??

Here’s the full list of Blogger Social registered attendees:

Tara Anderson
Todd Andrlik
Mike Arauz
David Armano (these four are profiled here)

Matthew Bailey
Ryan Barrett
Cam Beck (these three are profiled here)

Jennifer Berk
Rohit Bhargava
Susan Bird (these three are profiled here)

Toby Bloomberg
Tim Brunelle
Katie Chatfield
Thomas Clifford (these four are profiled here)

Mack Collier
Saul Colt (these two are profiled here)

Terry Dagrosa
Luc Debaisieux
Gene DeWitt
Matt Dickman
Paul Dunay (these five are profiled here)

Gianandrea Facchini
Jason Falls
Anna Farmery (these three are profiled above)

Mark Goren
Heather Gorringe
Kristin Gorski
Lewis Green
Ann Handley
Gavin Heaton
Kris Hoet
Kevin Horne
Sean Howard
Joseph Jaffe
Ryan Karpeles
Chris Kieff
Joe Kutchera
Jennifer Laycock
CeCe Lee
Geoff Livingston
Lori Magno
Sean Maher
Valeria Maltoni
Caroline McCarthy
Matthew McDonald
Paul McEnany
Tim McHale
Drew McLellan
Doug Meacham
Virginia Miracle
Scott Monty
Darryl Ohrt
Rita Perea
Marilyn Pratt
Jane Quigley
Arun Rajagopal
Connie Reece
David Reich
Marianne Richmond
Cathleen Rittereiser
Steve Roesler
John Rosen
Roberta Rosenberg
Mike Sansone
Linda Sherman
Nathan Snell
Paul Soldera
Marshall Sponder
Terry Starbucker
Seni Thomas
Tangerine Toad
Jonathan Trenn
Mario Vellandi
Greg Verdino
Neil Vineberg
John Wall
Debbie Weil
Tamar Weinberg
CB Whittemore
Kaitlyn Wilkins
Steve Woodruff

4 Responses to Blogger Socialites: F Troop (Facchini, Falls, Farmery)

  1. Anna Farmery says:

    Hey, drink if you get the background at the social ??

    Thanks for the write up, irony is, is that The Engaging Brand was just something that happened, it was supposed to be until I thought of a “proper” name…and it stuck!

    See you NY, I will be the one looking star struck at the city that I have always wanted to visit and the friends I have been dying to meet 🙂

  2. Matt Bailey says:

    Wow – A reference to “F” Troop!?! There’s something you don’t see everyday. Kudos.

  3. creece says:

    Thank you for what must be a huge amount of work, researching the backgrounds of all the BS08 attendees. It’s great reading by itself, but even better knowing I’m about to get to meet all these people. I can hardly wait till April!

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