Blogger Socialites: Dagrosa, Debasieux, DeWitt, Dickman, Dunay

We’re slowly crawling through the alphabetical list of marketing bloggers who will be attending the inaugural Blogger Social (April 4-6, NYC) – today, it’s the “D” list.

terry-dagrosa.jpgTerry Dagrosa

When I first surfed over to Terry’s blog, I did a double take and assumed that I must have stray-clicked. Nope. Her blog really is called Seduction Meals, and it really is “about food + romance and the premise that everyone should learn to master one dish that is their signature dish—a Seduction Meal, to enchant and captivate that special someone in your life…”

Fact is, there are some fabulous recipes here, accompanied by some very tasty graphics! This blog can be quite seductive if you have any appreciation for fine dining (how I wish I could indulge my gastronomic appreciations without consequences!!) Here are some neat Valentine’s Day stories.

As best I can tell, Terry works at BehaviorDesign in NYC. Here is her LinkedIn profile.

You may gain a pound or two just visiting Terry’s site. Can we hire her to cater the Social??

luc-d-150.jpgLuc Debaisieux

Luc has given his blog one of my favorite names in our corner of the blogosphere: Mindblob. Of late, Luc hasn’t been updating that regularly, but when he does, you’re usually in for a great graphic or two. Most of his focus is on social media and advertising.

mindblob.jpgAlso, Luc has a great graphical avatar!

Luc works for JWT and lives in Belgium. I’ve been looking forward to meeting him ever since he started making encouraging comments on my blog many months ago. Luc also worked with Mark Goren on the great Blogger Social collage. Here’s Luc on LinkedIn. Looking forward to seeing this talented Belgian here in greater NYC!

gdewitt-150.jpgGene DeWitt

Gene runs DeWitt Media Strategies – he helps clients develop optimal media investment approaches. And so, his blog focuses on various media issues, including broadcast TV, blogging, and more.

Gene’s a NYC guy, located right at Rockefeller Plaza. Here is his bio, including a list of the many impressive companies he’s advised.

mdickman_150.jpgMatt Dickman

How to summarize Matt? Here are the words that immediately come to mind: prolific-smart-social media-blogging-geek. If you want to surf on the leading edge of the social media world, put Techno//Marketer (the name of Matt’s blog) at the very top of your bookmarks.

Matt podcasts, vidcasts, Twitters, Flickrs, Slideshares – he is a true marketing and technology guru. One of the things I like about Matt is that he just jumps right in and does this stuff – if he’s going to investigate some new gizmo, you’re going to see it on the blog. Here is a link to his personal site, which I just found for the first time, with links to some of his (very nice) photography work.

But he’s more than just a social media geek. Matt has the mind of a marketer, and his posts are meaty. He recently took on a new role as Director, Digital Marketing for Fleishman-Hillard (here’s the full LinkedIn profile), so he is now more deeply involved in the PR world. Like many of us gathering at the Social, Matt has strong feeling about new approaches – this little post sums it up succinctly. Matt’s a true networker, and I can’t wait to finally meet him in early April!

paul_dunay.jpgPaul Dunay

Here is how Paul describes himself on his blog (called Buzz Marketing for Technology): Paul Dunay has spent more than 20 years in marketing, creating buzz for leading technology companies such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Avaya and Cisco. Paul currently is a Director of Global Field and Interactive Marketing for BearingPoint. Dunay holds an Executive Education degree from MIT in Strategy and Innovation and a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and computer science from Ithaca College. The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent BearingPoint’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Here’s the money quote from a recent post of Paul’s, entitled “There is no ‘Campaign’ in Social Media: The bottom line: If you want to go Social, it takes time, content and a strategy to measure success (read the whole article – well worth your 2 minutes).

Doing a little Google background, I found this Wikio page with a bunch of links regarding Paul, who appears to be very active in podcasting. Paul also has an eponymous URL, with a nice, neat presentation of all things Paul Dunay (including articles, social media platform entries like LinkedIn, etc.) Paul is well-published and has a boatload of marketing experience – he will add a lot to the discussions at the Social!

Here’s the full list of Blogger Social registered attendees:

Tara Anderson
Todd Andrlik
Mike Arauz
David Armano (these four are profiled here)

Matthew Bailey
Ryan Barrett
Cam Beck (these three are profiled here)

Jennifer Berk
Rohit Bhargava
Susan Bird (these three are profiled here)

Toby Bloomberg
Tim Brunelle
Katie Chatfield
Thomas Clifford (these four are profiled here)

Mack Collier
Saul Colt (these two are profiled here)

Terry Dagrosa
Luc Debaisieux
Gene DeWitt
Matt Dickman
Paul Dunay (these five are profiled above)

Gianandrea Facchini
Jason Falls
Anna Farmery
Mark Goren
Heather Gorringe
Kristin Gorski
Lewis Green
Ann Handley
Gavin Heaton
Kris Hoet
Kevin Horne
Sean Howard
Joseph Jaffe
Ryan Karpeles
Chris Kieff
Joe Kutchera
Jennifer Laycock
CeCe Lee
Geoff Livingston
Lori Magno
Sean Maher
Valeria Maltoni
Caroline McCarthy
Matthew McDonald
Paul McEnany
Tim McHale
Drew McLellan
Doug Meacham
Virginia Miracle
Scott Monty
Darryl Ohrt
Rita Perea
Marilyn Pratt
Jane Quigley
Arun Rajagopal
Connie Reece
David Reich
Marianne Richmond
Cathleen Rittereiser
Steve Roesler
John Rosen
Roberta Rosenberg
Mike Sansone
Linda Sherman
Nathan Snell
Paul Soldera
Marshall Sponder
Terry Starbucker
Seni Thomas
Tangerine Toad
Jonathan Trenn
Mario Vellandi
Greg Verdino
Neil Vineberg
John Wall
Debbie Weil
Tamar Weinberg
CB Whittemore
Kaitlyn Wilkins
Steve Woodruff

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  1. Matt Dickman says:

    Steve — Thanks for all of your kind words and for doing this series of posts to get everybody up to speed. I can’t wait to meet you in person!

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