Blogger Socialites: Collier, Colt

Are you one of the conversational visionaries who will be attending the inaugural Blogger Social (April 4-6, NYC)? Well, you’ll be in great company. Today, just a couple profiles – Mack “25” Collier and Saul Colt.

mack-collier-150.jpgMack Collier

Mack is the orginator and maintainer of the Viral Garden’s Top 25 Marketing blogs, a weekly scorecard of which blogs are getting the most traffic. I confess to a bit of “25 envy,” but since I’m not really a full-time marketer and mega-prolific blogger – hey, I have to settle for re-runs of “24”!

On his blog bio, we find the following: Mack Collier is a social media consultant, and author of The Viral Garden, a blog focusing on marketing and social media. He also is a frequent contributor to the website Marketing Profs, as well as the marketing blog Daily Fix. Mack is a requested speaker and has advised companies of all sizes on their social media strategies, from small businesses and startups, to companies as large as Dell and Nettwerk Music. And you can see on the sidebar all the places where Mack will speak next, including SXSW and more.

Much of Mack’s blog focuses on…well, blogging, so it’s a great hub for all things blogging/social media. If you want some Mack on Facebook or LinkedIn, you can view him there. Here’s a quick interview of him also, using the title “Social Media Consultant” (I like that!) We look forward to seeing him here in the great Northeast!

saulcolt-150.jpgSaul Colt

Saul is one of those mousy, unassuming, quiet types – a happy-to-be-in-the-background humble native of Toronto. Painfully shy about his inadequacies, he nonetheless describes himself as the Smartest Man in the World on the masthead of his blog, followed by this description: Saul Colt is in all of us…..he inspires great things from people of all walks of life including people in correctional facilities. Called a Marketing Genius by many, Saul Colt is a modest man who just happens to be the Smartest Man in the World and quite possibly your guilty pleasure!

Hmmm…definitely a marketer!

Saul’s posts are all over the map, with a very personal and informal touch, which makes for entertaining reading. Saul works at FreshBooks, an online invoicing and time tracking service for freelancers and service providers – sounds quite interesting, actually. His LinkedIn profile gives his title there as Head of Magic – that’s a first! Sounds like his co-workers enjoy him as well. Saul will be a fun addition to our April gathering!

Here’s the full list of Blogger Social registered attendees:

Tara Anderson
Todd Andrlik
Mike Arauz
David Armano (these four are profiled here)

Matthew Bailey
Ryan Barrett
Cam Beck (these three are profiled here)

Jennifer Berk
Rohit Bhargava
Susan Bird (these three are profiled here)

Toby Bloomberg
Tim Brunelle
Katie Chatfield
Thomas Clifford (these four are profiled here)

Mack Collier
Saul Colt (these two are profiled above)

Terry Dagrosa
Luc Debaisieux
Gene DeWitt
Matt Dickman
Paul Dunay
Gianandrea Facchini
Jason Falls
Anna Farmery
Mark Goren
Heather Gorringe
Kristin Gorski
Lewis Green
Ann Handley
Gavin Heaton
Kris Hoet
Kevin Horne
Sean Howard
Joseph Jaffe
Ryan Karpeles
Chris Kieff
Joe Kutchera
Jennifer Laycock
CeCe Lee
Geoff Livingston
Lori Magno
Sean Maher
Valeria Maltoni
Caroline McCarthy
Matthew McDonald
Paul McEnany
Tim McHale
Drew McLellan
Doug Meacham
Virginia Miracle
Scott Monty
Darryl Ohrt
Rita Perea
Marilyn Pratt
Jane Quigley
Arun Rajagopal
Connie Reece
David Reich
Marianne Richmond
Cathleen Rittereiser
Steve Roesler
John Rosen
Roberta Rosenberg
Mike Sansone
Linda Sherman
Nathan Snell
Paul Soldera
Marshall Sponder
Terry Starbucker
Seni Thomas
Tangerine Toad
Jonathan Trenn
Mario Vellandi
Greg Verdino
Neil Vineberg
John Wall
Debbie Weil
Tamar Weinberg
CB Whittemore
Kaitlyn Wilkins
Steve Woodruff

2 Responses to Blogger Socialites: Collier, Colt

  1. karlgoldfield says:

    This looks exciting! Unfortunately I am commited to something in California on those dates. If anyone in the sales community is going please drop me a line at my blog.

    Karl Goldfield

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