Do you ooVoo??

I was hit with a flurry of invitations in the last two weeks to “ooVoo” – which I resisted initially, as I sometimes feel overloaded with all the new collaborative/on-line toys.

Then I got a more personalized invite from one of my favorite local bloggers, C.B. Whittemore. And it hit me – a free service to enable on-line video conferencing – including free calls and chat? And even though C.B. is only 25 minutes away, how fun would it be to just have a quick on-line talk including live video feed?

steve-w-oovoo.jpgSo I bought a webcam (Logitech Pro 9000 – pretty sweet, includes audio), downloaded ooVoo, and voila! – instant ooVooing.

Just finished up a quick session with Cam Beck (who types faster than I talk), and I see that a number of other bloggers have already begun ooVooing. But I’m thinking about more than just social fun – now that video uploads are so simple, how am I going to employ this for business?

What are some of your ideas?


2 Responses to Do you ooVoo??

  1. Cam Beck says:

    Steve – It was great to talk to you today… Or at least to listen to you talk while I typed. I’ll get that fixed today. 🙂

  2. Steve, I love the idea of connecting multiple parties at once + video. I also noticed the ability to share files [need to experiment with that] which suggests some interesting impromptu joint learning sessions…. Definitely worth additional experimentation!

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