Off-Target Blogging

off-target.jpgAmy Jussel of Shaping Youth took aim at a Target promotion that, in her opinion, was promoting a promiscuous approach.

Target’s reply to this blogger was quite enlightening:

“We are unable to respond to your inquiry because Target does not participate with non-traditional media outlets. This practice is in place to allow us to focus on publications that reach our core guest.”

Ahhh, so now we in the blogging community – the non-traditional media outlet types – are unworthy of attention. Somehow, Target must have obtained some inside information that NO-ONE WHO WRITES OR READS BLOGS shops at Target.

What a dis. And since the story was then picked up by the NY Times (and others), how short-sighted. My guess is that Target will soon pay a lot more attention to “non-traditional media outlets.”

More here, from CNet.


2 Responses to Off-Target Blogging

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  2. This is a bad move on their part. A very bad move, actually. Are they underestimating blogger power? And besides, bloggers are people too. More importantly, they are people with money who also shop at Target. I’ve seen plenty of blog posts about this statement but I have no idea what Target is doing to address the issue or if they’ve already gotten wind of the storm they’ve created.

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