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Who doesn’t like to save money? Here’s a page with 21 money-savings sites around the web.

Create your own, instant, no-cost, ad-hoc chat room on-line (ChatMaker).

Fun with time-lapse photography. 13 very cool time-lapse wonders. It’s hard to pick a favorite, though the Milky Way clip is really astonishing. This is a 3/4 cup of coffee stop on the web, so give yourself a few minutes…!

Do’s and don’ts with babies. Hysterical.

7 Wonders – some interesting links to various “7 Wonders”. You’ll have to go there to find out more.

Simple math. This is why I quit any further mathematics study in my first year in college.

If the same wine is either $90 or $10, does it taste the same? You might be surprised to find out

Make your own wine review! This “generator” will allow you to weave in all the upper crust wine descriptions at the press of a button! (example: In the glass, this wine opens up beautifully to offer rich, dense and intensely flavored qualities. This wine is soft and succulent in feel and flavor, with notes of mustard seed and cheese puffs remaining in the forefront thanks to mercifully subtle use of oak. This would be exquisite paired with richer pastas, wild mushroom risotto, grilled salmon and herb-crusted pork tenderloin.)

I laughed so hard it hurt. Forwarded by a sister-in-law: Mrs. Hughes. If you have kids, you’ll especially enjoy this!


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