A Jeep on the Altar

One minor scratch.

cherokee-tbone-sm.jpgThat was the toll, on a rainy and rather traumatic night this past week. Yes, the Jeep was totaled after being thoroughly T-boned by an 18-wheeler, but the driver – my son – walked away with only one scratch.

And that is why we bought the Cherokee in the first place. So, consider this an advertisement for selecting first cars that offer some significant protection in an accident, when your kids are of driving age.

And, consider it one more advertisement for the Amica Insurance company, whose customer service I have praised on this blog before. Before we could even get down to the stricken car the next day to remove personal effects, the adjuster had already been there, and within two days of the accident, we had a full report, followed the next day by a phone call to clarify a few items as the settlement was being calculated. As I’ve told various friends, when it comes to price comparisons, this is one of the only areas of life where I don’t even bother. Decades of stellar customer service have convinced me that I can’t possibly find a better insurance company.

All that aside, we are incredibly grateful to God for preserving our son in what could have been a horrible event. As much as I hated seeing that totaled vehicle getting hauled off, I felt nothing but gratitude that it (like a sheep on the altar) took the blow, while my son walked away. I never before considered how the theme of vicarious sacrifice might apply to cars…


4 Responses to A Jeep on the Altar

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  2. Wow, Steve. That’s heavy stuff. So glad your son is OK. Thanks be to God indeed. All the best –


  3. Charles says:

    Now THAT’S some impactivity!

    Just kidding, Uncle Steve…

    Glad you’re alright, Nathan.

    See you guys real soon!


  4. Mario Vellandi says:

    Good to hear your son’s okay, and you have the good humor and spirit to blog about it.

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