Monkey goes wild on world tour!

For a while, all seemed orderly. Curious George, the Age of Conversation mascot, was making the rounds on his world tour – when suddenly, he broke free of his restraints and began to exert his curious nature!

curious-george-escapes.jpgFirst, it was all the partying and bar-hopping with the NYC crowd. OK, you let a monkey out of his cage and he goes a bit wild – we can accept that. But then he started going “underground” for long stretches, refusing to move along to his next destination (carefully choreographed in a most logical pattern by his tour director). Now, he suddenly pops up on the scene at Rishi Desai’s blog, with a cryptic note about escaping over the fence to Ohio (rumor has it that he plans to visit with Matt Dickman)!

So, this curious creature with a mind of his own is temporarily bypassing his responsibilities to complete the Northeast leg of his tour, and now may be jumping unpredictably from blogger to blogger, without clear rhyme or reason. Where will he end up next? Stay tuned…nobody really knows!


(Today’s Wall Street Journal expands on the theme of escaping animals!)


One Response to Monkey goes wild on world tour!

  1. Chris Wilson says:

    Do you think Curious will make an appearance at the Age of Conversation Bum Rush? (Once we get the scheduling worked out.)

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