Making a Powrful Frist Impresion

Words matter.

Many times, the first…sometimes only…impression someone will have of you and your company is a set of written words.

hardhats.jpgThat’s why proofreeding is vital. And spelchecking.

I just visited the brand spanking new blog of a professional coach. One with a EdD after her name. And the headline of one of the blog posts included the brand spanking new word “Envrionment.”

What influence did this hav on me? It was an imediate black mark – a loss of respect. Why? Because if someone isn’t carefull about spelling, I have to wonder if they will be careful about other things that matter?

First impressions matter. Even in our rapid-communication world of e-mails and blogs. Mispelings abound, diminishing your professionalism, your reputashion, perhaps even your business.

Proofread before you publish. If you’re blogging, proofread again immediately AFTER you publish (it’s amzing how many misspellings “show up” to your eyes when you see the post in a different format, after publishing). And for crying out loud, especially don’t hang up any signs without careful proofing frist! Who needs the extra embarassmint of looking like grade-skool flunkie?

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P.S. One of the most egregious lapses is apostrophe abuse. Here is simple rule of thumb:

– if its a simple plural (more than one hat = hats), NO APOSTROPHE!

– if its a possessive (the cat licked its paws), NO APOSTROPHE!

– if its a contraction of “it is”, then USE THE APOSTROPHE

(and, yes, I deliberately broke the rules with each phrase above – did you catch it?)


About Steve Woodruff
Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

3 Responses to Making a Powrful Frist Impresion

  1. darren says:

    Your point on paying attention to detail is well-taken. I agree!

    Little things do count…I’ve written about many such experiences, some good, some not so good.

    As a whole, I think that if you have a business that touches the consumer in some way, shape or form…you need to pay attention to this. Hard hat’s or not…

  2. Yes, I did spot the deliberate misspellings. Anyway, there are some bloggers out there who type way too fast and end up making typographical errors here and there. Most of them are personal bloggers. In my personal blog, I make it a habit to read the whole entry right after posting it. I have to admit that I do have to edit a few words once in a while. When it comes to professional blogs, however, typos are simply not accepted. Like you said, it creates an impression of you as a person. And it’s not a very good one.

  3. Dunkie says:

    You are right… I’ve been dismissed many times as being overly fussy … especially by friends … but yah! …. first impressions really matter!

    I will actively blame today’s software developers… they’ve put in spell checkers which have left many people thinking that because it was spelt checked and no errors found, it’s ok… however there are some words that can cause serious grammatical errors.

    Read as you type… read before you post… read AFTER you post…

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