Steve’s Sticky Stuff 10_19

Breathtaking image of a lunar eclipse.Plants are apparently far more complex than we thought. First, they “talk” to one another. Now we find out that one plant species absorbed the lessons of Arsenic and Old Lace and poisons its neighbors with acid! And finally, Pinot Noir grapes are genetically more complex than we are!

Why didn’t anyone think of this before? How to keep from banging your thumb with a hammer.

Kids explain love. Hysterical.

From the Great Test Answers file:find-x.jpg


One Response to Steve’s Sticky Stuff 10_19

  1. Pinot Noir grapes are also capable of complexity and are known to communicate with one another. In fact, they’re such big shots, they’re now recognized as legal citizens under Federal law.

    Those kids make exactly as much sense as most adults I’ve met.

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