It’s now been one year – exactly – since launching the StickyFigure blog. One year, 212 posts.

one-candle.jpgI did not know what to expect when starting out. I knew that I had an insatiable desire to write about branding and marketing, and even if it wasn’t my main line of consulting work, I figured that I had to start somewhere.

I thought I’d just hang some posts out there, slog away, and maybe slowly establish some form of a reputation as the world’s next great marketing genius, well-concealed behind a veil of…well, lack of ability. Or something.

What I did not anticipate was finding friends, and being part of a community.

A supportive community of marketing bloggers who really didn’t care about my street creds, but who simply took me in as one of their own. Mike. CK. Drew. Matt. David. Kevin. Becky. Gavin. Lew. Patrick. Chris. Valeria. Luc. Derrick. Cam. Toby. Greg. Chip and Dan. Ann. Olivier. CB. Doug. Arun. Mack. William. Martin. Mario. The Small Business Branding crew. The BrandingWire posse. Curious George. I’m sure there are others I’m not remembering at the moment. Without the encouragement and company of such fine fellow travellers, I would never have endured. A big thanks to all of you.

Another thing that I’m thankful for – 15 months after launching my own pharmaceutical consulting business (Impactiviti – the blog which is central to my main business has 297 posts…no wonder I feel tired!), I can now report that it is officially “wheels up” and flying! It was a long roll down the runway getting it off the ground, but now I have a steady flow of client work and even had the privilege of turning down a potential project a couple weeks back! There has been a great community of supporters in that marketplace also that have helped me through when things looked stagnant and bleak.

Pharma is a great place to be, and I hope to diversify into more of a branding/marketing thrust, but even it does not become a full-time profession, it’s wonderful to just take part in the creative sword-sharpening and ideation. Thanks to all of you for reading, commenting, contributing, and “being there.”


Steve “StickyFigure” Woodruff


20 Responses to Thanks

  1. Greg Verdino says:

    Congrats Steve! I just passed my one year mark (last week – I didn’t blog about it because I was on vacation) so I know how much effort and perseverence it takes to make it this far. You’re going great and I look forward to reading you for many more years. G

  2. You have to promise you will let me know when you’re in the vicinity, we Italians are into hugs for celebrations πŸ˜‰ Congratulations, Steve. You have been one of the best at managing projects and I’ve worked with many. Well, we do have a lot of pharma companies in the greater vicinity of our fair city. And now I’m off to pulling on Greg’s ears — that’s tradition on birthdays.

  3. Matt Dickman says:

    Steve — Congratulations on the one year mark! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through the blog and the AoC project and I admire the energy and passion that you put into everything! Can’t wait to meet in person one day soon.

  4. Steve,
    Congratulations! One year of solid blogging is a true accomplishments. I’m so glad to have met you and look forward to many more chances to work together!

  5. Cam Beck says:

    Congrats, Steve! We all benefit from it, too, so thank you for your contribution over the last year!

  6. CK says:

    Now how could we not take you in? You’re smart, kind, adorable and you think up things like Curious George World Tour (btw, my George is on his head on my file cabinet next to my desk ;-).

    But seriously…Wowsa (!), you have much to be proud of…2 blogs and a busy biz.

    AND a beautiful family.

    I’m so happy for you, and us. Thanks for making the ‘sphere a much better place.

    And bravo for our marketing portal. You must not sleep with all you do.

  7. Wow Steve! – congrats on this great milestone! It was great meeting you through the AOC project & you are such a cool guy to come up with neat ideas like ‘Curious George’. Wish you many more years of happy blogging. Enjoy the ride!

  8. Mack Collier says:

    Congrats on the one-year mark and 200+ posts in 12 months is a pretty stout schedule! Great job, Steve!

  9. Mario Vellandi says:

    Congrats Steve! Good to hear this effort has contributed to good fortune in business as well.
    I Look forward to more posts.

  10. Lewis Green says:


    Congratulations. I am honored to work with you at BrandingWire and happy as a puppy to know you.

  11. Happy Bloggy Bday to you, Happy Bloggy Bday to you, …… Congratulations, Steve! I’m in awe over all that you’ve done in one short year. I’m thrilled to have you in my backyard and to have gotten to know you. Here’s to an even better year!

  12. You guys/gals are great…thanks for all the good wishes! -SW

  13. Hi Steve,
    I’m late (again)… but still… here to say CONGRATULATIONS!
    Isn’t “time flying when you’re blogging”? It’s an honor to be on your list, really. I wish you a second year filled with even more, extra-ordinary, positive, wonder-full, conversations.

  14. Gavin Heaton says:

    Congrats, Steve! Time flies when you are having fun, no? Thanks for all your hard work on brandingwire. Looking forward to year 2!

  15. Congratulations Steve. I hope your next year is amazingly more successful!

  16. Steve, congratulations on one year of blogging. I will raise my glass of Ravenswood to you! Thanks for all the collaboration as well; I look forward to more joint projects in the future. πŸ™‚

    Congratulations also on your flourishing business. I am thrilled for you. You rock!

  17. Derrick Daye says:


    Congrats on the milestone! Ditto to these comments. Happy to work with you on BrandingWire!


  18. Lewis Green says:

    Congratulations Steve. Street Cred! You had all the street cred I need to know you were good at what you do. Keep on keepin’ on my friend.

  19. So sorry I missed your blogiversary. I’ve been so busy these past few weeks that I’m way behind on my blogging and blog reading.

    But congrats. And thanks for all you’ve been doing for all of us, with the George tour and also the blogs portal.

    Best regards.

  20. Toby says:

    Happy happy blog birthday to you! Sorry I missed the party .. I guess the cake is long gone. Street cred .. what street cred? Your posts were tops from day one! Looking forward to seeing where this next year will take Sticky Fingers.

    By the way, where is the monkey?

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