Greetings…done right

Today, I am at a Hyatt hotel in Chicago, which (apparently) has had a major renovation recently. I guess that must have meant big-time improvements, but one very simple thing has impressed me more than anything.

When I arrived to check in, instead of a monolithic counter behind which employees are half-hidden and walled-off from customers, this hotel has little individual counters, and those responsible for check in stand in front. They come out to greet you, find out what you need, and only then go behind the (warmly-decorated) counters to look up the room reservation, etc.

This one little change in the user experience was delightful. I saw something similar at a Westin recently. These hotels latched on to something – a warm personal experience for a FIRST IMPRESSION can outweigh all the other aspects that perhaps cost far more.

How does this relate to your receptionist? Your website or blog? Your business card? The greeters at your house of worship (which reminds me…I’m up this Sunday!)? Think about the first interaction people have with you, or your organization. Are you hiding behind a wall? Or out front with your guests?

2 Responses to Greetings…done right

  1. Douglas Karr says:

    What a difference a face makes! I recently purchased new business cards and put my ugly mug on them. I’ve had nothing but compliments on putting my picture on them! (Whew!)

  2. Great example of reaching out to customers, literally! They could take it a step further by using handheld computers to look up the reservation and process it (like waiters). Have all the key-cards for the day ready ahead of time, and reprogram them if people don’t need them. Then they wouldn’t have to spend much time behind the counter at all!

    I like the direction hotels are heading. Let’s hope that, with blogs like ours, others will start getting the message. 🙂

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