Welcome to the “Long Tail” of Marketing Blogs!

long-tail.jpgI got a chuckle of out this post, wherein Andy Bargery of Great Britain found the StickyFigure blog buried in an obscure corner of the Blogger’s Choice Awards nominee list. I much appreciate his kind words, but had to laugh also at his apropos description of the “long tail” of marketing bloggers.

We’d all love to be in the Top 25, or to win Blogger’s Choice awards, or to have daily traffic that goes through the roof. I’d enjoy that as much as the next marketing blogger. But that’s not why I maintain my humble little outpost here at StickyFigure. I comment and write and link and interact because I must – that’s who I am. A few folks seem to enjoy having me along on the journey and that’s good enough. I’m not as smart as Seth, or successful as Guy, or as prolific as Drew, or as engaging as CK, but hey…life on the long tail isn’t so bad. There’s a lot of fine folks over here!

And, as an added bonus, I’ve gotten to meet some wonderful people – as witnessed by a very enjoyable meetup last evening in Manhattan (another post on that, with pix, is here).

(oh – and if you go over to the Blogger’s Choice Award site and vote for StickyFigure, or add me to your blogroll, or RSS me, or bookmark me…all of that will be appreciated, of course!)

One Response to Welcome to the “Long Tail” of Marketing Blogs!

  1. Steve, I’m just glad to have some company down at the end of the tail. I comfort myself about my position in the pecking order by looking back on the time when I had 3 subscribers to my own blog, and all three were actually me, in various feed readers.

    And incidentally, I’m always happy to see new stuff from you pop up in my RSS stream.

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