Iguanas, Monkeys, and Bloggers

Last night, CK orchestrated a get-together for any available marketing bloggers, at a cozy little bar (Iguana) in Manhattan. When I saw who was coming, including Toby Bloomberg (up from Atlanta), I decided that this was a must-do event.

CK, David Reich, G. Kofi Annan, Curious George, CB Whittemore, Greg Verdino, Tangerine Toad, Carolyn Townes (The Wild Wiki Woman of the W list), David Berkowitz, Ann Handley, and a couple of others all crowded into a corner and gabbed, compared notes, took pix, and generally had a great time.

This was my first time being able to gather with a group of the bloggers who have become “virtual friends” through our various collaborative projects and posts. And what a delightful time it was. Admittedly, doing this was a bit out of my comfort zone – I am not a city person, a bar hopper, a native schmoozer, or a night owl – but I knew that the company would make it worth the effort.

Below, some pix to commemorate the event.


Hostess CK


Toby Bloomberg intimidates David Reich


Ann Handley and Greg Verdino (yep, he really is as bald as his blog indicates!)


Curious George Jr. and Sr. (thanks, Kofi, for bringing him along!)


The Wild Women of the W List


CK and David


CK, George, and moi

13 Responses to Iguanas, Monkeys, and Bloggers

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  2. So glad you could join us, Steve. It was a great evening with great people.

  3. Greg Verdino says:

    I am actually MORE bald than my blog indicates. Great meeting you last night!

  4. Great photos, great fun, great friends and great post! Thanks, Steve!

  5. Ann Handley says:

    So awesome meeting all my “friends” (making a few new ones.. like George).

    Wait a sec — you were out of your comfort zone? You sure looked a lot like a bar-hopping, schmoozing, night-owl city person!

  6. You guys are great – a very easy group to schmooze with (despite any legacy comfort zone issues!)

  7. carolynsfo says:

    Hey Steve! So great meeting you and everyone last night. It was a blast. I am still smiling!

    The Wild Wiki Woman!

  8. Nice pics Steve. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one new to meeting everyone in person.

  9. Toby says:

    Steve – To see your smiling face when I walked into the Iguana was a wonderful surprise! But it went beyond wonderful to spend some face time laughing and talking and sharing a drink or 2 with awesome NYC .. okay and NJ and some Long Island bloggers.

  10. Steve: Great meeting you too. And I don’t think most of us are bar-hopping night owls anymore either. So you were definitely among kindred spirits.


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