Marketing a Flop

20070821123022.jpgMy wife recently got something that’s a brilliant marketing move. What does Jelly Belly do with all their “defective” jelly beans? Well, they sell them – just packaged into 2-lb. bags called Belly Flops!

They taste just like regular Jelly Belly beans, but the shapes are somewhat…creative. I have a jar of them 3 feet behind me on a shelf right now, tasty little diet-busters that they are.

Turns out you can also order them on-line – here’s the site.

Some companies seem absolutely embarrassed by anything less than perfect – and, of course, this approach wouldn’t work for many products (“Come on down to our Ford Flops outlet!”). But I like the posture these folks have taken, having some fun with the inevitable imperfections of product manufacturing. This shows a company that is secure enough in their brand identity to poke a little fun at their own expense.

4 Responses to Marketing a Flop

  1. Cam Beck says:

    Curious. Even in “failure,” this also seems to show some stringent quality standards for the Jelly Belly brand.

  2. Lewis Green says:


    I agree. Works great with jelly beans, probably not so great with most products.

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