Blogger Social – Welcome to the Neighborhood (sort of)

The stage was set. We were going to pull off the heist of the still-young century.

Las Vegas, they thought. Maybe Arizona. Some been-there-done-that-what-happens-there-stays-there destination – a shoo-in for the very first Marketing Blogger Social.

bloggersocial.jpgBut the write-in campaign was all set. The survey software was hacked. Soon everyone would know that the vast majority of marketing bloggers had somehow concluded that the best place to be in early April was…Boonton, NJ! Now all we had to do was massage the survey results data before Drew and CK saw it and we’d have it in the bag…

But I underestimated the ingenuity of those New Yorkers. Maybe it was the aforementioned CK, or perhaps the innocent-looking David Reich. By implanting a reverse transcription geo-flex algorithm into the survey database middleware, they transformed all those “NJ” votes into “NY”. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s cheating…

So, the first Blogger Social will be in NYC in early April – just 1/2 hour away, so no complaints, really (plus, Boonton has no hotels – maybe holding the event in our local auction house wasn’t that great an idea anyway…).

All this virtual communication has been great. But now it’s time for face time!

All the info is here, including costs, registration, etc. Kudos to CK, Drew, and the team who have spearheaded this!

2 Responses to Blogger Social – Welcome to the Neighborhood (sort of)

  1. Steve, who’s the rat who tipped you off to our diabolical plot? Not that we have anything against New Jersey, but…

  2. It was Curious George, of course! He’s my trojan horse…


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