Curious George meets New Jersey

CB Whittemore, on her Flooring the Consumer blog, has put up an extensive post on the Curious George mascot handoff for the Age of Conversation Get Curious World Tour (CB also put up extra photos on the AoC wiki).

And she captures what this is all about – making connections.

George is now making his visit with Steve Roesler in South Jersey, then he leaves our fine state to begin his journey through New York.

Matt Dickman has volunteered to create a Google map tracing George’s progress as he tours – so if you are one of the AoC authors, be sure, once you receive the “George packet,” that you ping Matt so he can add your whistle stop on the tour map!

5 Responses to Curious George meets New Jersey

  1. Go, Age of Conversation, too!

  2. George update:
    While getting a spa treatment to relax before his photo op, George has been sipping Chardonnay and nibbling chocolate-covered bananas.

  3. stickyfigure says:

    Oh no! I knew there would be some bad influences along the way! Now he’ll be half-crocked, and perhaps overweight, driving up the postage costs…!

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