Get Curious World Tour – George is Floored!

sw-and-cb-and-george.jpgFriday, Curious George, the mascot for the Age of Conversation project (and it really is more than a book now – it’s a project!), made his first stop on the Worldwide Author tour. This time, however, it was a face-to-face handoff – turns out that one of the authors, CB Whittemore (who blogs at Flooring the Consumer) only lives 20 minutes from my house. So CB and I used the occasion to actually meet for the first time, over lunch in a little north Jersey deli.

big-george.jpgAnd what a great time we had! It was as if we’d known each for a long time…conversation flowed freely and easily, and the time simply flew by. CB is warm, engaging, and has a very active and creative mind…as all those who read her blog would know. After we left, the floor was covered with ideas, carpeted with…OK, stop already. STOP with the bad puns!

While I had a Ragin’ Cajun sandwich, CB made the perfect choice of a hero called The Big George. You can’t make that stuff up…

Apart from the marketing blogger community, would I ever have come to know CB? Probably not. But as I stated in my chapter (The Lowered Fence of Collaboration) in Age of Conversation:

    Back in the “old days”, the neighborhood consisted of a few blocks in a well-defined geographical area. Some folks never moved away, and their best (and perhaps only!) friends were those delivered to them by circumstances of habitat. While we still have nearby families and friends for support and fellowship, we now have a neighborhood far greater in scope. Collaboration and communication via the web means that I can now find others of shared interest — wherever they may be. I can create my own neighborhood, based on common professional interests, shared life experiences and mutual hobbies. The common space has no boundaries.

And that is why, in such a short time, we can have over 100 people collaborating on a project, and even participating in a “world tour” together. While most of you will “snail mail” Curious George on to his next destination, maybe his arrival into your area can provide you with an excuse to get together with other bloggers in your geographical neighborhood.

If you’re one of the authors, George is on his way! He will be making his way through the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic states first, then head to the Midwest, the South, the West Coast, on up through Canada, then across the pond to Europe and the Middle East. The plan is to end the tour in Australia, with a final destination back at the HQ of Variety, the Children’s Charity.

3 Responses to Get Curious World Tour – George is Floored!

  1. Steve,

    One of the fun things about Age of Conversation is watching the authors create offshoots of the original idea.

    This is going to be a fun one! We’re planning George’s party here in Des Moines. Hopefully for his sake, he’ll get here before winter!


  2. Lewis Green says:

    Great story. Thanks for sharing Steve.

  3. Steve, very nicely captured! I like your/our neighborhood even more than before, and your puns are welcome anytime!

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