A Public Reading of the Age of Conversation

Seems to be the going thing these days for AOC authors to “strut their reading stuff” publicly on blogs and on Flickr. Although Sean over @ Craphammer has done us all one better with the worldwide premiere AOC video (and it’s a gem!)

So, with minor reservations, I’ll join the club. You see, I only ordered the e-book version, so…

Age of Conversation reading

2 Responses to A Public Reading of the Age of Conversation

  1. Cam Beck says:

    Ha! Nice touch. I’m getting my hard cover in a few days… I’ll post an image in support of the effort. But I’m not getting nekked. I’ll leave that to Sean.

  2. Sean Howard says:


    It’s nice to know that if I pass away tomorrow, I will forever be remembered for being “nekkid” on youtube. πŸ˜‰

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