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David Reich just tagged me on a blogging meme going around, whereby I’m to share 8 random things about myself, and then tag others to do the same.

8-ball.jpgI will confess that I always have mixed feelings about these things – they remind me of chain letters. However, since so many of us bloggers have little or no opportunity to get to know one another face-to-face, there is a certain value to these exercises…and besides, I’m as curious as the next guy about the person behind the blogs I read!

So, here goes…

1. I have 5 boys. I was the third-born of 4 boys. My Dad was the third-born of 3 boys. His Dad (my grandfather) came from all boys. My third-born reckons that, upon proposing to some lucky young lady in a decade or so, he will have to deliver a caution with the ring…be prepared for a house full of six boys! It’s hard to fight it when math and destiny collide!

2. I once crunched my way through a set of tennis on a court blanketed with 17-year locusts, during the early days of the career of someone who is now an international recording star.

3. I have a large box loaded with hundreds of old matches/matchbooks (many probably quite unique), with no clue of their value, or what to do with them.

4. I am now sitting at a wonderful, large oak desk (suitable for use as a bomb shelter), which we spotted in the early years of our marriage at a flea market in Nashville, and which has laboriously followed us with every move since. It was $175.00, as I recall, a sum we barely had in those young-and-foolish days. This thing will likely last for generations.

5. We found out about the difference between the North and the South after having a fried chicken dinner at a famous Nashville institution right after our arrival. Attempting to pay the check with travellers checks, which was all we had at the moment, we were told that they only took cash. We were brand new in town and didn’t even have a bank account yet! “That’s all right, honey, you just take the check with you, and mail the money to us when you’re all settled.” We did, of course. (I just Googled to see if Loveless Cafe is still in business – yes, indeed! No surprise there…)

6. One year in college, I ran our dorm janitor for student body president. Rufus didn’t win, but I think he got 36 write-in votes.

7. One of my sons wants to be a film director, and appears to have the talent to get somewhere in that field (he just graduated from a special high school program for multimedia/performing arts). I vividly remember the moment, in the course of viewing one of his early “backyard” films, when it was suddenly obvious that he had the “eye” for good camera work. Now we have to figure out how to help him use his gifts professionally.

8. I analyze everything. Compulsively. Combustion may be spontaneous, but I rarely am!

OK, enough about me. I’ll tag a few others to take the dare:

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7 Responses to Tagged for 8 Things

  1. Lewis Green says:


    Thank you for sharing. I may have been the starter-pistol in the U.S., as I was tagged by my British friend Anna, and then tageed 8 others, including David. But this is a meme that I think is worthwhile, as we do learn about each other. A good thing in relationship-building.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I will respond soon!

  3. David Reich says:

    Interesting, Steve. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Toby says:

    Steve – I use to collect matches/matchbooks also. The were great reminders of trips and places I wanted to return to .. but then I started using them (to light candles) and soon they were gone.

    Thanks for the tag.

  5. Steve, thanks for the tag and for these delicious details. Last summer while cleaning out my parent’s attic, I found my high-school collection of matches. Fun blast from the past…My Mom is doing the same with those that Toby did.

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