What’s Your Threat Level?

From a post I authored on the Small Business Branding blog:

How such a brand identity threat level chart might look for an I.T. company looking to express its differentiating message:


3 Responses to What’s Your Threat Level?

  1. Lewis Green says:


    This is the second time today that I noticed a comment I left wasn’t posted (one here and one elsewhere). I wonder if the gods are messing with me.

    Anyway, I said yesterday how much I enjoyed this post. Have a great 4th!

  2. Steve: Your Brand Identity Threat Level schema looks a lot like the “Abstraction Ladder” I blogged about (/http://thebrandingblog.com/branding/naming-tips-number-24-in-a-series/) a couple of weeks ago. Not quite the same, but the idea is similar – the more specific and unique, the more powerful the brand (or brand name)…the higher up the ladder, the more generic and undifferentiated and less effective. Martin

  3. impactiviti says:


    Great minds think alike! I hadn’t seen your post, but clearly we are operating on the same wavelength. I hadn’t thought of it in terms of “levels of abstraction”, but that’s a great way to describe moving from a “say-nothing” name to a “say-something-clear” name. Thanks for pointing it out!

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