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thinkingblogger1.jpgMy blogging friend Becky Carroll over at Customers Rock! has been kind enough designate me as a “thinking blogger” award winner – that is, one of the bloggers that makes her think. And I really appreciate the mention, because Becky has the same effect on me!

This meme was launched by Ilker Yoldas to highlight blogs that are truly “meaty” with great content. He started the Thinking Blogs Award to help publicize great blogs.

Now part of this meme is that I’m supposed to name 5 bloggers who make me think! Problem is, I think all the bloggers that I regularly read have already been designated for this award! Which means one of three things:

– I need to get out more and read a wider selection of blogs

– I read the best blogs on the planet already

– I got picked last (like grammar school kickball games) after all the A-listers were already named! Waaahhh – I’m just going to take my blog and go home!

Let’s be generous and assume #2….

Thanks, Becky!

(And now Mario Vellandi has done the same, with words far too kind…but thanks for the encouragement! Makes me want to keep writing! Great new design on Mario’s blog, by the way…check it out!)

One Response to Thinking Blogger…I Think

  1. You are welcome, Steve! You would be surprised which bloggers haven’t already been named, BTW. Although I’m sure you DO read the best blogs on the planet. 🙂

    Thank you for the kind words.

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