Coffee – What’s the Storyville?

The BrandingWire team recently did a collaborative posting on branding for coffee shops. I put a focus on mail-order/web-based growth strategies.

Some of us provided links to coffee suppliers we felt embodied effective strategies and tactics; there were some interesting approaches at these sites. And one of them – Storyville – sold me. I put in an order.

s-ville-mug.jpgWhy? Well, I’m a sucker for good web design, and these people have a fabulous site. I’m also inclined to do business with companies that brand themselves well; Storyville presents a great image and message. But that isn’t enough – they also made an introductory offer that was very difficult to resist. And I didn’t resist (by the way, they highlight the introductory offer right on the landing page – great site design).

The descriptions of their beans, roasting, freshness, etc. got me “sold” on the desire level – I WANTED to try their superior product. The simplicity of choices was appealing – just Prologue (caffeinated) and Epilogue (Decaf). Nice naming strategy.

Like Gevalia, they offer a trial period of a few shipments at a reasonable price, plus a bonus (in Storyville’s case, a couple of nice, branded mugs). Then you can cancel at any time if you don’t want to continue the shipments.

So, how has the customer experience been thus far? In a word, outstanding.

First of all, the ordering process was simple and straightforward. I got a confirmation e-mail for my order. Good start.

cimg0728.jpgSecondly, the 2 packages arrived very quickly (shipping from Seattle to NJ). And I was VERY impressed with the packaging – see the accompanying photo. The 2 mugs were perfectly packed and very nice; the packet of beans was very attractive; there was also a neat little packet with a DVD and a marketing/instruction booklet. And a cover letter. Very nice boxes and print materials. Great marketing design approach.

Thirdly, the coffee smells and tastes wonderful. As one would expect.

Now, am I going to be inclined to become an ongoing customer? Regretfully, probably not – at $8.49-$9.49 per 1/2 pound bag, I just have a hard time justifying the cost/value ratio. But will Storyville benefit from my customer experience? Since I am a blogger now writing about them – probably so!

(The DVD, by the way, is pretty funny. Part of Storyville’s spiel is the conspiracy of “Big Coffee” to get people to drink coffee made from non-fresh, over-roasted beans. It’s a good marketing twist.)

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  2. Suzan and Robert Springer says:

    Thank you again for the delicious coffee!! I really have enjoyed the great taste. I will not be reordering at this time, due to the fact that I am the only one in my home who drinks coffee and I can’t consume that much each week. Thanks again. I have shared your delicious coffee with my friends. Sincerely, Suzan Springer

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