Differentiate or Die

20070614111737.jpgOne of the most difficult places to rise above the “noise” level, and make a memorable impact, is on the conference exhibit hall. These places are a virtual Babel of company pitches, images, marketing materials, and all-too-brief interactions, typically with prospects who are rushing on to the next thing. How do you make your “signal” stand out from the noise?

I’m a veteran of over 20 years of selling and marketing, and have attended countless trade shows, both as a vendor and an attendee. Most of what I’ve seen and heard over the years is just a blur. And, next week is another one.

Since a number of my business partners will be in the exhibit hall as vendors at this conference, I thought I’d prepare a simple 4-question worksheet to help them maximize their impact on the exhibit floor. Then, this morning I realized that with a few minor tweaks, it could be used universally. Why not make it available on the blog?

Answer and apply these 4 simple questions, and you stand a chance of differentiating yourself. Not only on the exhibit floor, however; in reality, this worksheet is widely applicable for any selling situation.

So, here you go. Let me know in the Comments if you find it helpful!

(Image credit: James Duncan Davidson)

2 Responses to Differentiate or Die

  1. Mario Vellandi says:

    It kind of reminds me of the Book Club question on tips for keeping things simple – applied to personal branding.
    I have to forward this to my client who’ll be exhibiting next week. Thanks a bunch Steve


  2. Dan Schawbel says:

    You really need to be different to stand out and be noticed these days. Good post.

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