Blogroll Updated After Long Neglect

After putting together the Marketing Bloggers portal, which contains over 100 feeds from bloggers spanning the marketing/branding/advertising field, I realized that I had thoroughly neglected my own blogroll on StickyFigure. Some of you have kindly linked to me, and I have been negligent in reciprocating – mea culpa!

So, as of today, here’s my updated list of blogs I turn to most often for inspiration and instruction (and a few good laughs!):

Brains on Fire

Brand Autopsy

Brand Corral

Brand Flakes for Breakfast

Branding Strategy Insider

(this space left intentionally blank) BrandingWire

Chaos Scenario

Chris Brown’s Branding and Marketing Blog

CK’s Blog

Conversation Agent



Coudal Partners

Customers Rock!

Dave Young’s Branding Blog

Diva Marketing

Drew’s Marketing Minute

Duct Tape Marketing

Greg Verdino

Guy Kawasaki

Jaffe Juice

L&G Business Solutions

Logic and Emotion

Made to Stick

Marketing Profs: Daily Fix

Marketing Technology (Douglas Karr)



My 2 Cents


One Reader at a Time

Personal Branding (William Arruda)

Servant of Chaos

Seth Godin

Small Business Branding (where I also enjoy contributing!)

Social Media Marketing

Strategic Public Relations


The Brand Builder

The Branding Blog

The Lonely Marketer

The Name Inspector

The Origin of Brands

The Power to Connect (Todd And)

The Viral Garden

Whisper Brand

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10 Responses to Blogroll Updated After Long Neglect

  1. Brian says:

    It’s a shame my blog isn’t about marketing- because “Brian’s Random Thoughts” would fit perfectly in that intentionally blank spot!

  2. Matt Dickman says:

    Steve — Thank you for the add and for all of your work on the Pageflakes site. It’s a great resource for marketers. I had neglected to add you to my blogroll as well. That’s now been rectified.

  3. shwibbs says:

    Maybe I will be on that list someday

  4. Toby says:

    Steve – An honor to be on your blog roll. You and Jeneane (Allied) are inspirations to carve out time to get Diva Marketing’s list update.

  5. Douglas Karr says:

    Thanks so much, Steve!!! I cherish the blogroll – that’s one heck of an endorsement. I hope I can keep up to your standards!

  6. Cam Beck says:


    Thanks, Steve!

  7. Bob G says:

    Sweeet, thats’s some kind of roll, StickyFigure…inspiration AND laughs. Thanks for the love 🙂

  8. Steve,

    As I said when you first visited, you’re onto something good. Thank you for the inclusion. I look forward to swapping stories.

  9. Hey Steve,
    Thanks so much! You’re a fixture on mine as well!

  10. Greg Verdino says:

    Hi Steve – Thanks for the add!

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