Latest Posts from Small Business Branding blog

I’ve been contributing to the Small Business Branding blog for – I guess – almost 2 months now. The site has a growing lineup of marketing bloggers, and the content keeps getting better and better.

Some of my more recent posts:

Re-branding Chrysler: How would you re-brand this “in transition” company if you had the chance?

How to be Unremarkable: Five ways NOT to stand out from the crowd (wherein you’ll see my more cynical side in full bloom!)

Are you Telling your Brand Story?: The power of storytelling in promoting your brand.

Other active contributors to the blog include:

Drew McLellan

Krishna De

Yaro Starek

Danielle Rodgers

Kevin Levi

Ed Roach

Nick Rice

Robert Kingston

Andy LaPointe

Brad Williamson

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One Response to Latest Posts from Small Business Branding blog

  1. Krishna De says:

    Steve – thank you so much for mentioning the other authors on Small Business Branding. I look forward to continuing to read your future posts there.

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