9,496 Days and Counting

That includes six February 29ths (leap years). 1,352 Monday mornings. 227,904 hourly trips out of the cuckoo clock.

Today, my bride and I have been married for exactly 26 years. This July will be my first blogging anniversary – a wonderful milestone! But it pales in comparison to knowing and loving my best friend for over a quarter century.

Sandy has put up with an awful lot, at times wondering whether the clock or something else was cuckoo! The jury’s still out, but my guess is both…

So, what’s the “secret” to a long-lasting marriage? Well, there isn’t just one. However, Drew McLellan’s post on Be a Drip certainly taps into one main theme. Businesses, and marriages, grow by the slow and steady drip of regular, consistent communication. Most nights (now that the weather is good!), we still take a walk, hold hands, and talk. Marital blog posting and comments, if you will…

I hope to write/blog/communicate/promote for the rest of my life. And if I’m able to pull that off, one major reason is a wonderful woman who sticks by me. For the rest of our lives.

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One Response to 9,496 Days and Counting

  1. Mark Goren says:

    Best to you on 26 years, Steve. My wife and I are approaching our fifth wedding anniversary – and I can’t wait to say that we’re married for 26 years. Of course, I say that knowing that we have to appreciate every single day. Congratulations!

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