Sweet Success

From an article in Entrepreneur magazine (print, not yet on-line) with the above title:

cake-shells.jpgWhen Lori Karmel bought We Take the Cake, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida bakery with lackluster sales, she wasted no time turning it around. Her strategy: Amp up its image…She set out to add what she calls the “wow” factor. “We had very high-quality cake, but our image just didn’t match,” says Karmel.

She brought in a cake designer to create eye-catching edible works of art. Now the cakes are shaped like everything from designer handbags to skateboards. “The design grabs people’s attention,” says Karmel. “Then they taste it and are hooked.”


You can see how this plays out on their nicely designed website.

Let’s face it, cake is (by and large) a commodity. However, make it an individualized, multi-sensory experience, and it becomes something else entirely. A success story.

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