How to Make Friends and Influence Bloggers

wordpress-logo.jpgIn the middle of last year, when launching my new business, I decided to use WordPress to host my initial blog ( I had used another service in the past but was very impressed with WordPress, and have enjoyed it for many months.

Soon I launched a second blog (which evolved into, focusing on branding and marketing.

Then a personal blog.

Then, since I was posting on my other blogs about “after hours” interests such as wine, food, music, etc. I decided to bring all that together onto yet another blog (It’s a Pleasure).

I launched a few others that, not surprisingly, due to limits of time, I just haven’t maintained.

I noticed that some of my clients weren’t clear on everything that I could do, so I then also created what amounted to static web pages, still using WordPress, to help give overviews in a non-blog-centric way. Hey, if you’re using a great platform, use it to the max!

A professional volunteer group I work with needed a blog. That was a no-brainer. And, I’m now looking at a more extensive web presence for that group – using WordPress, of course.

My church needed a change of website platform. You guessed it. And a future blog coming also.

I’m working with a bunch of other branding/marketing bloggers on a collaborative blog project (to be unveiled shortly!), and of course, WordPress was about to play a central role there as well.

I’d become a WordPress power-user, at least by volume! A WordPress advocate and evangelist. Until one day last week. When all my blogging activity stopped cold.

Why? I attempted to login, and saw this shocking notice: Account Suspended.

I fired off an e-mail for an explanation, and much to my surprise, got an incredibly rapid response. I didn’t like the answer (but the customer service response time was phenomenal)!

At this point, I had so many blogs that I guess it looked suspicious. Of course, my professional blogs were cross-linked. And so there was an appearance that I was misusing the platform to generate traffic through SEO strategies of creating self-referential links (against the Terms of Service). Naturally, I was angered and upset, although, upon reflection, I fully understood how someone at WP could, at a quick glance, arrive at that conclusion.

So, I wrote back a rather long explanation of what I was doing, and how I was using the platform. As all blogging addicts would, I went through the weekend with an undercurrent of anxiety, locked out from updating my blogs, and preparing for what I feared could be an unpleasant battle to gain restored access to my blogs.

Imagine my relief, and gladness, to get this message early Monday morning:

Hi Steve,
Thanks for explaining everything – the blogs are back and awaiting you.


So, WordPress (and Mark), you have restored not only my blogs, but my faith in your company. Your customer service has exceeded my expectations, and, as is obvious from this post, I am once again an advocate and evangelist. WordPress rocks!

(note: my one suggestion for improvement would be to contact the user in question in such a situation, seeking an explanation, instead of proceeding directly to an account suspension)

One Response to How to Make Friends and Influence Bloggers

  1. Mario Vellandi says:

    They do rock.

    The CMS is so easy to use; it’s a no-brainer.

    Hopefully when I know CSS better and get better acquainted with the variety of plugins available (for offsite hosting) I’ll be using WordPress as the CMS of choice for many more sites.

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