A Weird Weekend Marketing Challenge

thingie.jpgWhat is it?

How would you brand it?

Then, how would you market it?

Let your imagination fly in the Comments!

(from the What is It? blog)


3 Responses to A Weird Weekend Marketing Challenge

  1. It’s a pepper grinder.

    I’d brand it as a unique novelty item. Each grinder is handmade so they all have individual touches. They take three weeks to make and must be pre-purchased with custom information about the customer, like their favorite baseball team and their favorite childhood memory.

    I’d market it by outfitting a few, select restaurants in dense cities. The chosen restaurants would be places known for their odd blend of kitschy-ness and classiness. No chain restaurants. Then I’d get some foodie bloggers to write about the grinders…

  2. Lori Magno says:

    It’s a fire hydrant attachment that turns a powerful stream into a pleasant shower.

    I’d brand it as a device that turns city streets into small town sprinklers.

    I’d market it in the the big cities as a customer/citizen relations tool – one tiny way that a big city can show it cares about its smallest residents.

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