Drink OJ for Healthy Kids

This morning, I had an intensely negative visceral reaction for a particular marketing approach, followed by a grudging admiration.

Like, I suspect, many marketers, I have a cynical streak when I look at marketing campaigns. Let’s face it, marketing has an element of…how does one say this without shooting oneself in the foot?…manipulation about it. And when I saw the orange juice carton in the kitchen this morning, I was ticked off. For a few minutes.

t-oj-kids.jpgOrange juice makers have introduced a bewildering array of formulas in an effort to gain shelf space. Lots of pulp, some pulp, no pulp, pulp fiction…fresh, semi-fresh, stale…with added vitamins, no vitamins, specially formulated for women over 30 with platinum blond hair – you get the picture.

So, I see this morning a Tropicana carton with this phrase emblazoned on the top: Healthy Kids (my wife tells me this has been around for a while; I guess I never noticed). Now all this is is OJ with some vitamins and calcium thrown in. Big deal – that mix has been around before, and it’s for “healthy” anybody. Those rotten marketers, thought cynical Steve. They are preying on mothers’ emotions! They are packaging something with a dubious but clearly targeted benefit! They are aiming at a desired end result instead of just saying, “OJ with vitamins and stuff!” They are…oops. They’re doing exactly what I’ve advocated many times. Don’t just sell a list – aim at an end result.

It still irks me somewhat. It’s easy to see right through it – this box of Tropicana isn’t likely to create healthy kids any more or less than any other box of OJ, with or without vitamins and calcium tossed in. But, they rose above the OJ aisle noise to tug at a heartstring – who doesn’t want healthy kids?

They got me. Not that I believe the claim. But, smart marketing. Now we need Healthy Kids formula with extra pulp. For oily hair. For mountain regions. For IQs over 110…


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Steve Woodruff is a blogger, a Connection Agent, and a consultant in the pharma/healthcare industry. He specializes in helping people and companies make mutually beneficial connections.

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