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I’ve just started reading the recent book Brand Sense, by Martin Lindstrom (related website here), which discusses how brands are built using all five senses. Even though I’m only a chapter or so into it, seems like a great read, and I am in full agreement with the premise. I think that smell and sound (in particular) are quite underappreciated in the brand experience.

This morning, I poured a bowl of Rice Krispies (sorry – a store generic version!) and heard that familiar “snap, crackle, pop!” sound as the milk went in. Immediately, memories rushed back in of eating RKs years ago, and of their immensely effective branding campaign focusing on the sound of their cereal.

A few months ago, I was in a higher-end hotel that was pumping a very attractive scent into the lobby. For destinations such as a store or hotel, creating a signature scent seems to me to be a very smart move. The olfactory sense is quite powerful and can deepen a brand experience (and therefore, attachment). In fact, I think one of the best things a town or small city could do is encourage the presence of a coffee company that roasts its own beans, and fills the area with that lovely aroma (hello, Roanoke VA and Mill Mountain Coffee).

The Duct Tape Marketing blog also has a recent post on the sensory aspects of marketing.

What other brands have you experienced that used a multi-sensory experience to reach you?

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