A not-so-regular marketing campaign

The Wall Street Journal’s Marketing section this morning has a very interesting article about P&G’s new marketing approach for Metamucil, the fiber supplement typically marketed for “regularity.”

Now, they want to tap into the endless well of vanity/health/beauty dollars by re-positioning it as a product whereby you can “Beautify Your Inside.”

From the article:

Nowhere do the ads mention “regularity” or “constipation,” as the old ones did. Instead, a voiceover coos that Metamucil does more than “cleanse your body,” and explains it is useful in reducing cholesterol and fighting heart disease. “Just add Metamucil to your already diva-conscious diet, and your insides will be haute, haute, haute,” say the print ads that will start this spring, featuring a young, slim model with the caption, “Drop-dead gorgeous guts.”

“When you feel healthy on the inside, it really does affect how you project yourself on the outside, and how you really look,” says David Corr, executive creative director for Publicis Groupe, the agency that created the Metamucil ads. “Sure you want to put on a nice dress, but why wouldn’t you want to tone your insides, too?”

I have three things to say about this morning’s marketing read:

1. P&G’s approach is brilliant. I predict that it will succeed. People will grasp at anything to try to feel both beautiful and healthy, so why not some intestinal mascara?

2. The WSJ did a great job of tantalizing to the article by putting an enticing picture up on the masthead, with a lead-in to the article entitled, “Why P&G sees Beauty in a Laxative.” Great blurb – somebody there has been digesting the book Made to Stick.

3. This whole thing about inner beauty via fiber intake is a crock, of course. It also leads to some imaginatively funny alternative taglines, most of which I cannot write in this blog.

Well, I’d better stop here – time to shower, shave, down some castor oil, and face the world!


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One Response to A not-so-regular marketing campaign

  1. Knickerbocker says:

    This Metamucil advertising is even better than their last campaign…. “Got toilet paper?”

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