New DVD – it’s in the cards

One of my sons just came home with the new James Bond DVD (Casino Royale). Ah, but this was no ordinary DVD packaging. This oversized box contained, not only the 2-disc movie edition, but also 2 decks of cards (with Casino Royale “branding”) plus one high-quality poker chip.

I’ve always been a fan of “enduring” give-aways – swag that you can’t bring yourself to throw away because it is perceived to be too valuable, too useful, too unique, or too attractive. Pens – too much competition. Labeled candies – barely any shelf life. But these playing cards won’t be easy to toss out. My Impactiviti tile coasters – too nice to toss. I also find it very difficult to toss pads of writing paper – I still have some from conferences years back.

If you’re going to give out a goodie, make it something hard to part with – be sure it passes the “toss test”!

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