Samuel Adams – a glass above?

When I saw this, I didn’t know whether to laugh, admire the brilliance – or whip out a credit card and buy.

Can’t do the latter yet, it’s not available until March.

I guess I’ll give them full credit for trying to advance the image of craft beer by creating special highbrow glassware – if you’re going to try to make beer more like wine, why not imitate the vessels of consumption?

Just please don’t cork the bottles.

For many years I have enjoyed and recommended Sam Adams – they are creative, high-quality, and their beers are almost universally great. Sam on draft is particularly wonderful. Coincidentally, just this morning I picked up a new offering – a six-pack called “Longshot,” featuring 3 different beers crafted by homebrewers who entered a contest to create their own brews good enough to be packaged as a Sam Adams special offering. Haven’t tried them yet, but the guy in charge at the liquor store couldn’t say enough good things about the Ale. What a great way for Sam Adams to create further “engagement” with its audience – these guys know how to make new marketing rules! (update – the Ale was fabulous! – I love dark, strong brews and this one had a rich caramel-y flavor. Good stuff!)

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