A Winning Enterprise

Quietly, steadily, they’ve ascended to the #1 spot among car rental companies in North America. They’re privately-held, profitable, and they develop people.

It’s not a secret why – Enterprise is founded on solid principles.

Here is what they believe and practice regarding customer service (also here). I have a profound respect for companies such as Enterprise that have well-thought-out principles, and a pro-active approach to selective hiring and great training.

I’ve rented from Enterprise on an irregular basis (not as much need for rental cars right now), and ALWAYS found it to be a pleasant experience. These folks walk the talk. They treat their employees as their future leaders, and deliberately and consciously build bench strength from the ground up. If I was an employer looking for a pool of talent for new hires, I think I’d walk in front of an Enterprise outlet with a sandwich board.

Hat tip: John Moore, BrandAutopsy

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