Kleenex: Let it out


Now this is a challenge. Take something as simple and commodity-level as a tissue (granted, Kleenex has managed to so “brand” themselves that for most of us a “tissue” IS a “kleenex”) and create a moving advertising campaign.

The Let it Out campaign is just that.

I was looking at the videos of the ads on this site when Mrs. Impactress came in, mentioned that she saw one on TV, and was mesmerized by it.

What is so brilliant? Simple – stories. Personal stories touching the emotions. This is taking the power of social media and turning it into an ad.

The non-descript balding guy – great touch. He remains peripheral, so all the focus is on the people telling their stories – and, of course, coming to tears and using a Kleenex to dry their eyes.

Some ads have stopping power, while others just add to the background noise. This one demands attention and engagement.


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One Response to Kleenex: Let it out

  1. Julian O'Loughlin says:

    what agency directed the let it out commercial?

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