Packaging H2O

Now, be honest – if you were around and semi-conscious 25 years ago – could you have foreseen the market for selling the most abundant substance on our planet? But now, it’s no longer good enough to have a story about some semi-exotic remote spring – no, water is a fashion statement.

Take a fascinating look at the packaging of H2O at the Aqua Store. Many new ways to separate you from your dollars, for the sake of stylish water containers. Although I despise the whole idea, nonetheless, some of these implementations are pretty cool-looking – if I had my choice, I guess I’d just as soon sip (sorry – perform re-hydration therapy) from the Voss or the Qvarzia bottles.

Bottles like this, with sensuous curves, are a great draw when there’s really nothing to distinguish the contents. Water is water, no matter how much mystique these folks try to wrap around it.

This Sofia rose wine is another great example. Someone gave us a bottle of this…the wine was not memorable, but I did not want to part with the bottle! Effective branding involves all the senses – especially when the product itself is not particularly distinguished.

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