Mr. Happy Crack

What in the world could be more uninteresting, more pedestrian, more BORING than, say, cracks in a foundation?

So how do you market crack repair services? Mr. Happy Crack.

Naming and creating this mascot was a stroke of genius. Nobody is going to mistake Mr. Happy Crack for an undiscovered work of Monet, but as far as taking a completely “who cares?” type of business and turning into an unforgettable brand, this is marketing artwork. If I found a major crack in my house’s foundation, I cannot imagine where else I would turn.

Plus, the website is full of fun stuff, including My. Happy Crack swag, turning a ho-hum business into something worth remembering.

Company name: The Crack Team. Mascot development: Nehmen-Kodner.

Impactiviti scale:

Update: The Crack Team enjoyed the mention, I guess, since they forwarded some Mr. Happy Crag swag – a T-shirt for me, and one item (which won’t be described!) for my wife!


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2 Responses to Mr. Happy Crack

  1. Steve:

    Thank you for the mention regarding our mascot and slogan (11/9/06). Sure, we love the ‘stroke of genius’ comment but the ‘Monet’ reference is sticking in our collective cracks…..I mean craws.

    However, being that we are shameless media whores we are willing to overlook the insult. Further, we’d like to reciprocate by sending you some oh-so desirable Mr. Happy Crack apparel (at no charge) just in time for the Holidays.

    If interested please provide us some vital stats and fashion nirvana can be yours.

    And what exactly is a craw?

    Sidney Crackstein, Agent/Bodyguard for Mr. Happy Crack

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