Windy City Olympic logo deserves a gold

Unlike Seattle‘s misguided attempt at branding itself, Chicago has unveiled a great looking logo as part of its effort to land the 2016 Olympics. Apparently, the firm that came up with this design only had a few months to pull it off, unlike the 16 months wasted by Seattle.

One test I use for good logo design is the 2-second reaction – if it grabs my attention and makes me say “Yes!” in the first 2 seconds, then it’s likely a winner. If I have to think about it too long, or need an explanation, then it’s going to be a loser.

This design requires no explanation. Great use of color, and brilliant depiction of the skyline at the top. Sweet.

Here’s a news article about the unveiling.

Hat tip: Brand New

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2 Responses to Windy City Olympic logo deserves a gold

  1. Brad McCall says:

    I love Chicago, and totally agree with your assessment on this logo – brilliant! The blue handle of the torch is also very reminiscent of the water of lake Michigan. Since I think that Chicago has the best skyline of any American city (Sorry New York), I think it is an excellent representation of both them (skyline), and the world-wide power of the games (the torch that crosses the world).

  2. Jaya (Atlanta) says:

    So you’re a Brand Strategist? So is my daughter in New York. She is a Brand Strategy Consultant, a Planner and also into Market Research.

    Steve, I know a little more about you now than I did before. Hope all is well with you.

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