On the Double

For many years, I’ve had a bias toward Doubletree Hotels.

Why? Two reasons.

Masterful branding. And cookies.

If you’ve stayed at a Doubletree, you know that they have (very tasty!) fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at the front desk when you check in. You can smell them. You can almost taste them as you sign for your room. And, you go through the inevitable, “Should I ruin my dinner appetite and indulge right now?” thought process as your drop your luggage onto your bed…then inevitably give in and enjoy that delicious treat right then and there.

The other reason, and you’ll think I’m off my rocker for saying it, is their logo. Back in the day, Doubletree merged with a chain called Guest Quarters. They had to come up with an identity that somehow communicated the fact that the two were now one, but that allowed for the fact that the name “Doubletree” was going to be the final name going forward.

Take another look at the logo. At this point, 99.8% of the population only sees two trees. But what are the two stylized letters embedded in the symbol? G and Q, for Guest Quarters. Brilliant.

In the short term, Guest Quarters had a “presence” in the new branding. But over time, that simply faded away, and the attractive “double tree” graphic maintained its strength.

Most hotels in the Doubletree strata have fairly common elements – nice rooms, nice lobby, nice people, nice restaurant, etc. But Doubletree has delicious cookies. And a brand identity that I can’t help but admire.

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