“Because the sky is blue”

Today, I was out on an appointment when I went past the HQ for Sanofi-Aventis, a client I’ve worked with in the pharma part of my work. When Sanofi bought Aventis a couple years back, they had a great opportunity for re-branding. And what tagline was rolled out? “Because Health Matters”


That’s a self-evident statement of fact, not a promise! Nothing unique, nothing aspirational, nothing to imply personal connection. No value proposition.

What if United Airlines promoted themselves with, “Because travel matters”? Or McDonald’s came out with, “Because eating matters”? Mere statements of the obvious don’t position a company. “Because the sky is blue” does not give me a reason to feel attached to a parachute manufacturer.

How about something along the lines of, “Advancing Your Health“? That would contain the health angle, make the personal connection, and, of course, every company and every potential user wants to be connected with the concept of advancement.

I shudder to think of what it cost to come up this kind of ineffective tagline. Because, after all, branding matters!

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