The Migraine of Marketing

It’s annoying. Even aggravating. And way too effective.

Perhaps you’ve seen those cheesy “HeadOn” TV commercials. Produced at low cost, with very (shall we say) basic production values, these are still some of the most impactful commercials I’ve seen in years. All they do is repeat, three times, “HeadOn – Apply directly to the forehead” – like a bad record with a skip (note: if you are younger than 30, please consult one of your elders for an explanation of this last reference).

I hate the ads. And, for crying out loud, I also think they’re fabulously effective. I’ll never use the product, which I suspect is nothing more than a homeopathic placebo. But, in no time, the phrase became common parlance in our household. By sheer repetition, and the ghastly fascination of seeing something really ugly on a regular basis (right after Jeopardy, usually), the tagline worked its way into our vocabulary – and, I suspect, into the minds and mouths of many others as well.

Begrudgingly, I am forced to admire the creative audacity that came up with this. It’s awful – brilliantly awful. And I’d never publicly confess that I wish I’d come up with it, of course…!

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