Five in the Morning 120108


I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend (for my U.S. readers – well, for everyone, actually!) The break was nice; however, we’re back to blogging at Five in the Morning!

Like eBooks? The fine folks at Social Media Today have collected links to 25 top (free) downloads for Social Media eBooks. BONUS: Lee Odden‘s list of top (“real”) books on social media marketing.

Naming a new business? Check out Martin Jelsema‘s focused blog on that topic (Business Naming Basics).

Social Means More than One. (“Enough about me, what do you think about me?”). From Geoff Livingston.

5 Ways to Gain Notice Without Losing your Shirt. A guest post on Drew’s Marketing Minute blog (which should be in your Top 10 Blogs, btw).

How Alltop Powers Bloggers. Nice stuff from Chris Brogan.

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