Ad-Tech NY Tues. Mid-day

Context is King – Publishing in the Digital Age Roundtable


- Search is a blunt instrument

- Increase relevance! Pool of information is massive.

- Internet users increasingly skeptical of user-created content

- Context – must be relevant, must resonate, must be actionable

- Role of professional editor evolving

- Inside out and Outside in – the new mantra for aggregating content.

Moderator-Pam Horan, President, Online Publishers Association

Betsy Morgan, CEO, Huffington Post

John Byrne,

Vivian Schiller,

David Morris, CBS Interactive

Robin Steinberg, MediaVest

- Vivian S – Curating the entire web to aggregate content from many realms, including other publishers (Topic pages). LATER THIS MONTH – NY TImes will launch TIMES EXTRA – an alternate home page you can choose to see a much broader base of web content. Also TimesPeople – a semi-social network area you can sign up for.

- John B – new initiative called BusinessExchange was launched in Sept. Allows community to decide what you want to create and follow. A conceptual mashup of wikipedia, digg, Flickr. Engine pulls web info together on your chosed topic of interest. No preference to BW content. Content organized around people, who form communities around their interests. Community determines what content rises to the top. Already 700 topics. Seeing what others are valuing. Links to your LinkedIn profile, imported in to your BE profile. Great advertising performance because of targeted audiences. Well-indexed by Google.

- Betsy M – 2,000 bloggers contribute to HuffPo. Mix of curated news and blogs. All they do is curate. Big News page for major people/events (such as Sarah Palin – using her as a prime case study). Huge number of views of Couric/Palin interview from this Big News community. The Palin angle lives on in lots of buckets – not just Politics, but Style, etc. From 3 mill to 22 mill unique monthly visitors to HuffPo from October-October. HuffPo is there to feed people’s Obsessions.

- Robin S – the emotional connection of trust. Lots of magazine brand sites have not kept up, or do not provide the right type of experience (compared to more progressive environments like those above). Need to take a diff. editing philosophy – this isn’t about getting monthly or weekly readers, it’s DAILY. Contextual targeting is the big winner.

How to creatively create new engaged communities? How to connect consumers with each other (and advertisers) around shared interests?

[SW - the tools are out there, and growing. The content is out there. I think the new value-add people are going to be the on-line "community organizers" and content aggregators, with connections to highly relevant advertising and action-taking opportunities. This is really a new business model. This is what was happening with the presidential campaign.]

Ad-Tech NY Tues. Morning

CNN’s Jonathan Klein delivers first keynote. The Future of News in the Digital Universe

- Showing examples of how they are weaving user-generate content (polling, videos, etc.) into news. Getting traction among 18-34 year olds.

- Twitter now being used in one show.

- Political Ticker

- New anchors, new approaches, going with multi-platform approaches (on-line plus telecasts plus social platforms)

- iReport – people submitting their own video stories

- People can tell “us” just as much as “we” (CNN) can tell them now. Earthquake news appeared on Twitter in 30 seconds, as opposed to a 6-min news break on network.

- CNN more like eBay now than CBS? Now the info is spread out all over (CNN becoming a consolidator?)

[SW - Very brief, engaging, interesting overview. No earth-shaking information, but clearly demonstrates that CNN "gets" where information is now coming from, and is creatively seeking to tap in. Developing more immediate and personal relationship with users/viewers.]


Jeff RamseyState of the Industry Roundtable intro

-Capitalism is not dead. Consumers will continue to consume. Marketers, therefore, will need to still market.

- Lots of projected numbers on media spend in the downward direction.

- Surveys showing budgets for marketing cut (Marketing Sherpa, Marketing Profs, Epsilon)

- Where will be growth? On-line

- Stripping out the bulls and the bears, still looking at double digit growth in eMarketing (10-14% ish)

- Example of Special K cereal – better ROI from on-line than broadcast

- Choice – fear, same old/same old, or innovate. There is hope! Free downloadable report at eMarketer.

State of the Industry Roundtable intro

Moderator-Randall Rothenberg, IAB

Tina Sharkey, BabyCenter LLC

Rob Master, Unilever

Rob Norman, Group M Interaction

David Morris, CBS Interactive

- How will this election change the way marketing is done? Lessons? Tina S – Brilliant use of new media (both candidates, but esp. Obama) as a creative means to engage. Rob N – Must keep eye on geography, technology, and value of integrity. Fusing these in one campaign, with lots of micro-activation opportunities, very effective.  David M – Campaign has been great media driver, including late night, etc. The scrutiny, however, has been immense. Have to deal with missteps, etc. immediately via the web. Brands can learn from this. Rob M – global example of how things have changed. Media use HAS evolved. Fragmentation has happened, and user engagement is in.

- “Fair share” issue – will the growing digitial engagement lead to a more balanced spend? Rob M – we’re going to follow the consumer. If people continue to expand in digital, then we will also. Rob N – “fair share” issue is phony. Receptivity in areas of digital involvement is high or low depending on specific activities (for instance, not receptive to advertising when doing on-line banking).

- Consumption of “short-form” media – changing the way you market? Tina S – e-mail and newsletter still working (more direct and targeted). Customized media in digest format. David M – great time, and immensely challenging time, for creating and deploying media. Choices are legion. Have to have a trusted destination, then people will engage with whatever form of media. Rob M – New opportunities to “tell the story” of the brand.

- Upcoming stronger regulatory environment, including privacy issues on on-line advertising – your thoughts? David M – clear, up-front disclosure. Let people know what will happen with personal information. Need to self-regulate. Rob N – better track record of self-regulation than, say, financial services! Not everyone in the value chain is aligned. Tina S – bad actors tend to get pushed out by the good, need to keep gov’t from regulating. Self-regulate as a community.

- High-touch more personalized/targeted approaches vs. broad-scale media – how think through these universes? Rob M -Now to have look at all of these approaches in their context. David M – have to monetize all CPM approaches – premium and less-premium inventory [SW - panelists not liking the "remnant" inventory term!]

- Let’s talk metrics. Rob M -Now going way beyond banner clicks, etc. What are the best proxies to show purchase intent? Tina S – more broad and complex metrics now talked about with marketers.

- Video strategy will not be optional on websites any more.

- In this economy, there will be a major shakeout of providers – dog-eat-dog climate.

[SW - much of this is surface-level "keen grasp of the obvious" material. For instance, it's easy to talk about the need for self-regulation. How about some very tangible examples, approaches, stories? Who is doing this well, and how? Yes, people need to look at multi-channel approaches - but it would be better to point to specific companies and initiatives that were ground-breaking examples of effectiveness.]

Five in the Morning 110408

Hadn’t thought about it for a while, but Stan Lee is right – for a newbie, leaving a comment ain’t easy.

Another free e-book, this one from Greg Verdino – go here to get the blurb and the download! And, here are 10 tips on writing an e-book, from Amber Naslund.

Darren Rowse ((Problogger) soft-launches a new blog, TwiTip.

iPhone users – having a hard time keeping up with all the new apps? Yeah, me too. So now, there’s FreshApps, to keep us up-to-date,

How Twitter has taught me to value your time. From Technotheory.

Ad-Tech NY – Monday

Ad-Tech NY starts today, with no keynotes or workshops – just exhibits.

It’s bewildering!

Because the event is taking place in a mid-town hotel, there is not a large exhibit space. Therefore, exhibitors are scattered over 3 floors. If you get claustrophic, this is not the place for you!

Most of the booths/displays are 10 or 20 foot, and they are tightly packed in hallways and ballroom areas. For those involved in SEO, widgets, on-line advertising tools, PPC, affliate marketing, and the like, this is nirvana.

I’m actually on the hunt for new and cool social media applications – things that would appeal to my branding/marketing StickyFigure audience, and well as apps that might have relevance to my pharma Impactiviti audience. The major challenge is the signal-to-noise ratio!

I’m pretty obsessive about critiquing booth design and outreach at trade shows. With all the companies that are here, ostensibly involved in marketing and advertising, I’m struck with how few of them seem effective at grabbing and holding attention. So far, Casale Media gets my nod for the best booth design – a clean field of white with a very simple red logo presentation. Memorable. A lot of companies still seem to be struck in the describe-everything-that-we-do mode, instead of crafting a single compelling message.

I’m anticipating that once the sessions start tomorrow, there’ll be a lot more to share. In the meantime, a few companies that have caught my eye so far:

Izea (connects up bloggers and advertisers) – anybody using this service to review products and get paid? Your thoughts?

Blockdot (on-line game development) – anyone have experience with this outfit? Your thoughts?

Telligent (social network platform) – this platform can be used both publicly and internally, to deploy social networks (including forums, wikis, blogs, etc.), and has a robust reporting back-end. It’s built on Microsoft enterprise tools (and Microsoft uses it). Mzinga competitor. I see a lot of potential here – anyone have user feedback about Telligent?

Five in the Morning 110308

Ways to get new Blog Readers. 10 great tips about using on-line presence strategies, from Problogger.

Is that a whiff of Lanolin around your marketing? Don’t follow the sheep, says Jonathan Kranz at MarketingProfs Daily Fix.

A roundup of top blog search engines. From Ann Smarty at Search Engine Journal.

Steve Rubel predicts the future regarding smart phones and cloud computing. I think he’s pretty much on-target. What do you think?

Free e-books from Chris Brogan. As in, FREE. Fish Where the Fish Are. Personal Branding. Grab ‘em!

PLUS – I love being a Dad. From C.C. Chapman. Yeah. And, for a quick Monday visual, Tel Aviv sunset from Jeff Pulver.

I’ll be at Ad-Tech NY for the first part of this week…will try to get out Five in the Morning each day, but no guarantees! Visit here for live updates on the conference, however, M-W.

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Where I’ll Be – Ad*Tech NY

This coming week, I’ll be spending a few days at Ad*Tech NY. I’ll be live-blogging my impressions here on StickyFigure, and on Twitter. Madison Avenue Journal will be publishing some of my (and Chris Kieff’s) blogging thoughts during the event. So be sure to tune in! And if you’re attending, Twitter me up at @swoodruff!


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